Just a Few Of The Evergreen Business System's Amazing Features....

We do everything every other "basic-grade" software out there does, so we won't list what you already expect
us to do... But we will list many of the exclusive features that no one else offers in one package.

Buy once. Use many times.

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Create as many Automated Webinars and use on as many domain that you own as you like for one low price with no monthly fees.

Our competition has $197 set-up fees and cost $97 per month! Some are even more per month and require you to have an Infusionsoft account.

Yep. The total cost of some competitors could be near $500 each month and they don't do a fraction of what we do for that price just one-time.

Automate Your Webinars

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Create Rolling Webinars that play on autopilot. With our Smart- Date technology, you just set the days of the week and what time or multiple times of the day it should play.

Simply record your webinar one-time and let our system do the rest.

Set Black-Out dates like Christmas, and eliminate short-notice by choosing to block today, or a few days before they can see your webinar to build anticipation and educate/indoctrinate prior to your webinar.

Translated to 20 languages!

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Do you market your webinars to non-English speaking customers? If so you will be happy to know that our platform supports over 20 different languages! When creating your webinar, simply select the language of your audience and our platform will automatically translate absolutely all messages and text lines for you.

Here is how easy it works, for example:

Let's say you're targeting your webinar to the German speaking market... In that case, simply tick the "German Language" box in the configuration dashboard and all pages, images, and options within your webinar will be instantly and automatically converted and translated to German. This includes all pages like the webinar registration page, the webinar live and replay pages, etc.

By the way, these translations have been performed by real people in their respective native language, not by some translation software that can confuse literal phrases compared to actual means and expressions known in that language. So you can rest assured the translations read 100% accurately!

Pay-Per-Attend Webinars

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Do you want to charge for your webinars? No problem at all!

Evergreen Business System allows you to easily set up a pay-per-register webinar system so only those who've paid for your webinar ticket can actually register to it!

And, as usual, you're in full control: you can charge whatever fee you wish, for as many webinars as you wish, and use whichever payment system you wish: PayPal, Clickbank, InfusionSoft, Google Checkout, your own merchant account, etc. You name it, you can use it.

Making money with your webinars has never been easier!

Register Users From
Your Own Squeeze Page

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Do you drive traffic to your own squeeze page? Yes? Excellent!

Evergreen Business System integrates with all the autoresponder companies, so you can automatically register your visitors to your mailing list and to your webinar simultaneously.

You can create your own Squeeze Page on your site, and let EBS auto-register your subscribers to your webinar on the background, without them having to do anything at all.

Integrates Straight Into Your
Website Or Wordpress Blog.

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Do you already have your own website or Wordpress blog?

No problem! you can embed the webinar's registration box straight into it!

We offer two types of registration boxes: a vertical one, which embeds beautifully into your site's sidebar, and a squared one which fits perfectly into your content posts. Whichever you go for, your users will be able to register to your webinar straight from your existing site or Wordpress blog!

Use Any Time-Zone or Use
Local-Time of Your Registrant.

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Of course, you can set the time to any time zone. But we found that allowing the visitor to choose his "Local Viewing Time" is less confusing and has higher show rates.

Heck, if someone in Australia has to register for a Webinar NY time, his Friday 4PM webinar is really Saturday 6AM. Imagine how confusing that is to figure out just when trying to pick a Day and Time!

With our Local-Time feature, we take care of everything and make it easy for the viewer and we convert all the emails and notifications automatically for them in the background there is nothing you need to do.

Smart Rolling Date
and Time Technology

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This is a must have but most software competitors just don't get this. Most force your visitor to choose a Date locked-in with a time on that date.

Or some get confused when you say show next 4 webinars which means the 4 choices shown to the prospect are the same date with 4 different times. Ughhh. That is because they copied what they saw us doing in our beta but they did not get it right.

The key is to offer both date and time as "Separate" selections. So that means if you want to do 4 webinars a week and 4 times a day you can. Your visitor first selects from on of 4 different days, and then selects again in another section from one of 4 different times.

When we see the others try to emulate this but get it wrong we just cringe. That is because it was not developed by marketers, just copied by programmers. You can expect more from us because we designed for us too.

Make Rolling Webinars
Seem Simulate A One-Day /
One-Time Event That Expires

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With this feature. You can set your webinar to play let's say every Wednesday at 8PM-EST. Now you have your affiliate add a hard-expire-date to the end of his link. Lets say that is Aug 2nd, 2011 and 7PM.

Well, in this case we append the following to the affiliate link. &expire=08-02-2011-1900 (1900 is military time for 7PM.) Now if a person clicks on a link after that event expires, they see a "Sorry the webinar is over" page with a link to see a replay. This really allows your affiliate to create urgency in his email and really creates a live effect.

This also allows allows you to 'pressure" your affiliates as if it was a live event. We have found some affiliates take there time mailing or flake out when they know it is evergreen and sometimes push you back knowing they can always promote the next week. This allows you to "Lock them in" just as if it were live. This feature also makes it easy for them to send replay emails. Without this hard expire date, it is hard to get affiliates to promote the relay because with "true-rolling-dates" they may be sending the replay to people still waiting to attend a "live" event. That can spoil things...

Also, try getting an affiliate to mail a replay 14 days later. They usually have other commitments and have moved on. This "hard-expire" feature allows the affiliates to see the urgency in both mailing several times before and immediately mailing replays especially when the webinar converted. It allows allows them to see instant results which many affiliates like and makes it easier for you to ask for replay mailings. We can not stress how strong this exclusive feature is.

Blackout Dates

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No one else has this. We do, because we once ran a Webinar 4 times on Thanksgiving Day. Who would do that?

Our customers asked why would we do such a thing. We realized we needed black out dates for Christmas and New Years and Easter etc. We allow you to block out any day or holidays to make sure you don't look like you are the only one giving webinars on New Years Eve when the ball drops.

Why doesn't everyone offer this? Well, they don't know webinars like we do.

Plays Where You Want It

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You can host your webinars on your own domain, or you can host them on our own servers... 100% free of charge!

We offer multiple domains: eWebinars.com, OntoWebinar.com, WebinarMeetingRoom.com, DigitalWebinars.com... and we keep on adding more and more as our customer base grows!

We Have All The Pages Done For
You, or Use Your Own HTML design!

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The script allows you to use the gorgeous built-in templates, or you can apply your own HTML design if you wish!

  • Registration Page templates - Exit Splash if people fail to register.
  • Thank You Page template
  • Countdown Page
  • Live Broadcast Room
  • Replay Webinar Page
  • Optional Expired Webinar page with Link to Webinar

Split Testing Landing Page
and Webinar Presentations

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You can have multiple registration pages receiving traffic and our split test feature will let you know the highest conversion.

Video or no video? Short video or long video? Short copy or long copy?

Now you don't have to guess anymore: let the split test find you the winner! You can do the same with your webinar itself.

Not sure if a 1 hour or 90 Minute webinar is best? $497 or $997? Simply use our easy split test technology to find the optimal ROI.

Custom Landing Pages

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Need a landing page for Facebook policies? Maybe an affiliate wants a certain exclusive layout. Or maybe you need one without an exit splash or maybe just to comply with regulations of one particular ad-network.

What ever the case is, you can use a special link in your advertising or for your affiliates to send to any number of landing pages you want.

You can even use the popular "pre sell" technique used in blog reviews.

Custom HTML Email Templates

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HTML emails work better to get people to read your emails and attend your events. But they are costly to design. No worries.

We have custom made email templates for you ready to go that will get more people on your webinars than you could imagine. Heck we make it easy!

And, as usual, the software also allows you to embed your own HTML design for your emails... it's as simple as point, select and click!

Facebook Webinars!

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Our webinars can also be configured to be 100% compatible with Facebook!

So, what does that mean?

It means that you can embed your webinar registration page straight into your Facebook profile, so you can benefit from Facebook's undeniable capacity to generate viral traffic.

That's right, your Facebook pals will be able to join your webinar straight from your Facebook profile!

SMS Notification to attend
webinar and watch replays

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Our system makes sure you have the highest attendance rate with our SMS API. If selected, the system will automatically send a SMS message to your subscribers 15 minutes before the webinar takes place, reminding them that they need to go online now to join the webinar.

Simply enter your Tropo.com token and your all set. (Tropo's affordable rates apply.)

Outbound Pre-Recorded Voice
Call Notification to attend webinar
and watch replays

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Our system also helps increase your attendance rate with our Outbound calling API to deliver a prerecorded .mp3 file to your webinar registrants.

Similarly to the SMS alert message, your subscribers will recieve an automated phone call playing your pre-recorded voice audio file. In that voice audio message, you want to remind them that your webinar is about to start.

Simply enter your Tropo.com token and your all set. (Tropo's affordable rates apply.)

Viral Thank You Pages

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Upon registering to the webinar, your subscribers will be automatically redirected to the Thank You page.

Well, our Thank You pages integrate with Facebook and Twitter and allow you to offer rewards like a free report for sharing your site on social media or via email with our Tell-A-Friend

That's free, exponential and viral traffic to your site right there for you!

3rd Party Autoresponder

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When they register for your webinar you can paste the lead date (name and email) to your 3rd Party Autoresponder. We work with all the major one like Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, 1shoppingcart, Mailchimp, Icontact, Imnica, ListWire, etc..

This allows you to build your own mailing list and to follow up with your prospects for your other products, content for relationship building, and promoting affiliate offers.

Built In Sequencing

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3rd party Autorepsonders do not work with any system to get people on the webinar. They only work after the fact but they have no idea how to handle an event 5 days away compare to 2 days away. That's why we built our system to handle pre-webinar events and post webinar events.

  • Follow up Pre-Webinar every day until the "Big Day" and  send multiple emails on the day of. Like 6am, 3 hours  before, and 5 minutes before. Many people need multiple  reminders with the busy lives we have today.
  • Follow up if they miss the live event with as many emails as  you want for as many days to attend the replay.
  • Follow up with people that attend but leave early with our  built in smart technology. Here you follow up to see a replay  with proper framing like "Hey you must have had to leave so..."
  • Follow up with people that attend and stay but do not buy.  With our built in smart technology you can now follow up to  see a replay with emails talking about your guarantee or  price options or testimonials since the know the price you  need a new framing to email them in your follow up.
  • Follow up to your buyers
  • Follow up to those leads that did not register but took a free  bonus on your exit splash. These people showed no interest  in registering so don't try again. Simply send them the  replay.

Send the webinar email reminders either from your own email address or from an external SMTP service

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As described above, the system automatically sends email reminders and email sequences to your subscribers so they don't forget about your webinar, or so you can follow up with them after the webinar, etc.

Well, you can choose where those emails are sent out from: either your own email address, or a professional external SMTP service like SendGrind, Amazon SES, PostMark, etc (we integrate with them all!).

That way, if you notice that some of your webinar email reminders and sequences are landing on your subscribers' spam folder, you can switch to another SMTP provider right away!

Affiliate Program Integration

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We know that you run your business with smart tools like Infusionsoft, Clickbank, 1Shoppingcart, PayDotCom, or PostAffiliatePro.

Well dont worry: our system works will all of these systems and more. In fact, we even work with any CPA network. You still use our links for tracking and append a Smart-Affiliate id unique to your affiliate software to our links after defining the link structure one-time in the admin dashboard. Then when your affiliate uses these links, it drops a cookie on the users page to track to your affiliate program.

Dynamic Affiliate Picture and Name

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This feature allows you to have your landing pages, replays, and broadcast rooms show your affiliates picture next to yours when they use their special link.

This exclusive feature helps increase landing page conversion and show rate by as much as 10% or more.

Think about it for a second: people may not know you, but if a well-known "guru" like for example Tony Robbins or Frank Kern were to promote for you, imagine how much his members would respond when they saw his name and picture on the page as host.

This technique is proven to increase the registration rate to your webinars significantly.

Dynamic Affiliate Pre-Recorded
Intro Bumpers and Exit Bonus
Offers / Exit Closes

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Just like the feature above, imagine if your Automated and Evergreen webinar had your affiliate (like the Tony Robbins example) record a glowing intro for you and great close or bonus offer and close.

This can increase your stick rate once they join the webinar and throw your conversion rate through the roof.

This is one feature that you'll never find anywhere. Why? again, because they don't know webinars like we do!

Tracking and Analytics

There is nothing else like this on the planet when it comes to webinar software!

Dual Sub_Id Tracking

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We allow you to track Sub_ID's appended to your webinar registration page like &facebook&dogs. So now you can track your facebook campaign where their interests are dogs. Or let's say you were using Google AdWords you would append to your link &adwords&poodle_lovers for your add targeted on Google Adwords to poodle lovers. It could be &homepage&bottom_banner.

The tracking possibilities are endless...

When buying advertising, this is key to know which sources or keywords are making you money or which ones to kill-off because they are costing you money.

Performance Metrics

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Yep. Down to the Sub_ID (media buys) and or affiliate, you can see the number of registrations, landing page conversion, show rate, stick rate, and buy rate.

You see, the last thing you want to do when you're paying for your traffic is to invest your advertising budget blindly.

It is CRUCIAL to track what campaigns are bringing in revenue (in order to expand your ad budget) and which ones are not performing as expected (in order to cut them out).

Our built-in tracking system will tell you exactly that: what's working and what's not, so you can take informed decisions.

Quantitative Metrics

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You got it. Down to the Sub_ID (media buys) and or affiliate, you can see track a number of metrics:

For example (EPC) Earnings Per Click, (DPL) Dollar Per Lead/ Registrant, (DPS) Dollar Per Show, (DPO), Dollar Per Offer-Shown, etc.

You know what they say: know your metrics and you will dominate your market!

Advanced Metrics

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We allow you to define your price points, payment plans with attrition rates, and your refund rates and place this code on your thank you page after they buy. This allows you to have reports to see how much money your brought in at the cart (time of sale) and what that money will be worth after refunds, over time, or over time after refunds.

All of the "Quantitative Metrics" can be adjusted for any of these filters. This is crucial if you are doing media buys. You may have a 6 month payment plan but need to be profitable at the cart (time of sale) or at least break even to allow you to scale.

This is also crucial if you are going into a CPA Network to allow you to track income at point of sale down to a Sub_ID publisher (affiliate.) Can you imagine being without this intelligence. Mike Filsaime used this "Intel" to conquer media buys and take his offer to the leading CPA networks and manage his campaigns to the amassment of the network owners.

Heat Maps

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Our software allows you to know when and at what precise point people are engaged in your webinar content and when they are bored or confused and leaving (bouncing out) of your webinar.

You may think they love when you talk about your new "Lamborghini" but you may find it's your highest bounce point. Or maybe you go over some "math and numbers" or use "technical jargon" and they get confused and leave. Or you tell your story of success and you see it is the highest point of interest.

This intelligence will allow you to "Re-Edit" or re-record your webinar to get rid of what doesn't work and add more of what does. That way you will maximize your stick-through rate!Filsaime used this "Intel" to conquer media buys and take his offer to the leading CPA networks and manage his campaigns to the amassment of the network owners.

Exportable Reports

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Our software allows you to export and download in-detailed reports with all your analytics and metrics on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis.

You will be able to see your registrants' names, their emails, their IPs, which affiliate brought them in, whether they actually attended to the webinar, whether they saw your offer, whether they saw your webinar replay, whether they purchased your product and if so how much revenue their generated for you, etc

This way you will have full information of what's going on with your webinars and your registrants!

Redundancy Tracking

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If your visitor registers on a work computer or say an iPad, but watches the webinar on his home PC (a different computer) then we drop all tracking codes and affiliate tracking again.

Why? to ensure your affiliates get paid or your tracking for your advertising campings are all properly tracked even if the switch from the laptop to their desktop and to their iPad back and forth. No matter what, we will track them!

3rd Party Analytics

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Also want to use Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Piwik, or any other 3rd party tracking software to see your web-stats? No problem!

You can use one or all or any combination. Simple get the embed code from the site and place it in our tracking section and your all set.

Whether you need to add it to the <head>, <body>, or <footer> we got you covered.

Advanced Social - Simulation features found no where else.

The goal is to make the experience enjoyable for your prospect. When you engage your audience, they will now
leave your webinar. This leads to more profits.

Delayed Events

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At any point in your webinar, you can add as many delayed-events as you like. This means you can give a free report download at 10 minutes in and let it last for 2 minutes. Maybe 30 minutes in your talk about the free content you give every day on your email newsletter so now you can just display your optin form for a few minutes.

And what if you want them to buy? Well you don't want that [Add To Cart] button showing the whole time of the webinar. Heck they would click it 30 seconds in and see your price before you can build a case and show the features and benefits. Just create another delayed event and use our Awesome-Buttons or use your own and show the price and [Add To Cart] button at the right time. In fact you can even remove it if you want to create urgency.

You can use our built-in buttons, or you can upload your own design. It's all up to you.

Late Arrival Insertion Points

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Ok, a few of the other guys get this. But not like we do. You see, we tested and found out starting the webinar from the beginning even if they arrive late converted better for us. So we did not use them for our personal webinars. But we also know some marketers would prefer their webinar to simulate what would happen if someone arrives late by playing the video at the point of where they enter, or any insertion point other than the start. But we decided to let you choose what is best for you.

Do you want higher conversion or more realism? The choice is yours. It's great to have choices.

You can use our built-in buttons, or you can upload your own design. It's all up to you.


JW Box Image

Want to create a poll? we got the feature!

We obviously suggest you get real data with a poll using an email to your list or Facebook. Then you can use that data to simulate a Live Poll on your webinar. It will ask the question, allow the user to vote, and it will display the results you set ahead.

Again, we suggest you use real data for this.

Social Proof Names (or Simulation)

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Just like a "Live" webinar with something like GotoMeeting, we track all of the names of people that register and then show those names to your webinar attendees when they attend the webinar. This simulates a "Live Feel" and increases enjoyment similar to a laugh-track used in television sit-com's.

Also, if you did not have enough names to fill the room to your desired attendee goals, you can use our simulator to add more names. We even allow you to choose what country these simulated names should be our combine them for international events. If you cater to an Italian, French, Spanish, German, Asian market, or international market, this will be a great feature to increase stick rate.

Let's face it, people don't want to guess if they are watching alone.

Email Questions

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Your webinar will take questions from your attendees and email them to an email of your choice. This is great for support, making more sales and follow up, plus gathering "intelligence" to use to add to your webinar.

Who knows, maybe they keep asking if your software will work both for PC and Mac. Well why keep letting them ask these questions for years when you could just go back and record a snippet of audio and place it in your webinar and reload it!

Live Chat

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Yup... you can chat with your attendees in real time too!

This is just like the Email feature above except that it allows you to "Login" to your admin-dashboard, click on live-chat and then you or someone on your team (or outsource team) can interact live with people and answer questions real time.

Like "Do you take PayPal? If so I will pay now." How cool is that!!?

Webinar Replay Page

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You are given a webinar replay page to be used in your follow ups and for your affiliates to email. More than half of your sales can come from replays so this is a must have.

These links go right into your emails sequences for you. And you have links you can give to your affiliates. All they do is append their affiliate id to their link and they are all set to promote and earn commissions.

Yes, we thought of everything!

Total control like nothing you've ever seen.

There is literally nothing you can't do. The possibilities are endless. If you can think it, it can be done...

Preview Links

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We give you all the links you need to see how your webinar will look.

No guessing here: you can see the look and feel and even test it our before you publish your webinar online.

You even get to preview both the webinar registration page and the webinar broadcast room.

Any Combination In
Your Link Tracking

JW Box Image

That's right. You saw a lot of features but do they all work together. You can track an "Affiliate" that uses "both Sub_ID's" to his media buys, to a "Custom" or "Split-Test" landing page, to your "3rd Party Affiliate Software", with a "Hard-Expire-Date".

And yes, that link will track to all of the Analytics listed above down to the affiliate or Sub_ID with all the metrics of show rate, conversion, EPC and DPL etc.

We wanted to make the built-in tracking system as comprehensive and flexible as possible so you make the most out of it!

Custom .php

JW Box Image

If you do not choose our free hosting option, we then export the entire engine that runs the webinar to your desktop which you load to your own server. That means that if you want to get "freaky" and add some super-duper "Ninja" custom feature, you can. You can do it yourself if you know .php or you can have your tech guy or someone from a freelance site like Odesk.com do it for you (You can even suggest the ninja feature to us and maybe we will add it for you free in an update).

The bottom line is that you can do anything you want over and above all the cool stuff we have!

Now we don't recommend doing so if you want to ever uses one of our updates as it will overwrite it. But the choice is yours. You have the flexibility to not be held back like all the services that run on their own servers. If you can think it you can do it.

Powered by

JW Box Image

If you want to make extra money, you have the option to enter your affiliate link on the footer of your pages (not the broadcast room and replay room though, we don't want to disturb your attendees while they're watching your webinar).

It will embed a subtle "Powered by Evergreen Business System" and will link in a new window to our site with your affiliate link and you will earn $199 per sale.

Needless to say, you can toggle this option on/off as you wish.


We offer you free support and quality training videos. You will never be in the dark.

And if you hate installing scripts, you can use our free hosting on our cool webinar named domains... at no cost whatsoever.

Free updates for life!

JW Box Image

Yes, we offer you free updates for life.

We plan on improving this software for a long time to come. As well as any needed patches etc. We will even take ideas and suggestions from our customers so you know things will get ever better (if you can imagine) as time goes by. All at no additional cost to you.

That's right, create as many Automated Webinars and use on as many domain that you own as you like for one low price with no monthly fees.

Want to see our automated webinar software in action? No problem.

We run a simulated webinar every 2 minutes. Simply click here to see this in action.

You will see a sample "Registration Page", sample "Thank You Page", sample "Webinar has not started yet Page", and sample "Live Webinar Simulation." Again, these start every 2 minutes to allow you to get the whole feel without having to wait 2 days to see it work.

Careful, once you see theism you will have to buy it. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Click Here To See Our Software In Action

Get The Most Powerful Automated Webinar Software Online!

Testimonial Videos: (Don't take our word for it. Find out what people are saying!)

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Get The Most Powerful Automated Webinar Software Online!

Real user: Ilan Ferdman Real user: Guy Smith Real user: John Chow
Real user: Lon Naylor Real user: Ray Wateska Real user: Damian Qualter
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Real user: Michael Bacch Real user: Garry Jesch Real user: BJ Min

Want to watch dozens of case studies from real members? More case studies >>

What Some Top Marketers Are Saying About Us

I have tried 5 different softwares for automating webinars. They each lack “something.” Many people have tried to do this. Nobody (to my knowledge) has gotten this right. Until now... I am very familiar with all of Mike’s products and, in my sincere opinion, this is the best thing Mike Filsaime has ever created. Period... This will not be the webinar solution, it will be the webinar STANDARD.”

Omar Martin

“ok, I bought Evergreen Business System... it kicks the sh*t out of any other webinar script I've been using!”

Frank Rumbauskas

“This is going to ROCK. I’ve been wondering when someone was going to come out with this! Thanks man!”

Willie Crawford

“I’m currently paying $100 per MONTH for an automated webinar system. With the ONE-TIME payment option for this I’m going to save $700 this year alone...”

Jason Anderson

“This WILL be “THE” Product of the year... I make a living doing webinars and training people how to do webinars! This is IT! No Doubt!”

Mark Call

“Wow, this has got EVERYTHING built-in! Very exciting stuff, and will be of more value than ANY system I’ve looked at over the last few months. More features, better price. Looking forward to promoting and using!”

Howard “OutSourcerer” Tiano

“Mike, this is very exciting! We are now using one of your competitors (and until now, it was the best) and selling on autopilot, but this program of yours seems way better. Thanks for sharing your insights of the power of webinars...”

Lasse Rouhiainen

“Whenever Mike sends me a Product Launch email I sit up and take notice… Why??… Because I know my customers, clients and prospects will sit up and take notice. Another business challenge solved… Way to go Mike!”

Mark Walker

“Looks like you hit the nail on the head… again, this is just what I’ve been looking for and I’m sure a lot more people will want it too!”

Dave Nicholson

“Can’t wait Mike, this is just the software we have been looking for. Perfect timing!”

Daniel Sumner

“I am in! This is a solution that we have been hoping for! Thanks for being the catalyst for good stuff to come to Internet Marketing!”

Micheal Savoie

“Looking great .. as part of my product on webinars, I’ve researched and tested most of the replay systems out there, and most are total garbage. So much so, I’ve been hard pushed to find one to recommend in my automation module... looks like this could be the one to buck the trend .. about time!”

Stephen Renton

“Hey Mike, I’m one of the guys who asked you about this system and got quoted a custom set up fee of 10K + a percentage of profits generated from the system; which I seriously considered taking you up on. When I found out you were doing this launch, I almost fell out of my chair. It’s an absolute no brainer and going to be one of the biggest game changers since Butterfly Marketing.”

Brian T. Edmondson

“I have all of mikes products including profit platform. Anything Mike puts out, just buy. Don’t even think, as it will be a success. You can’t go wrong with this. I can’t wait.”

Steve Reh

“Mike- you guys really are taking webinar solutions to the next level with this one (I know because we’ve tested ALL of them. Thanks for a great product and looking forward to sharing this with my lists and social media / local biz owners!”

Walt Laurel

“WOW! Mike is always right on time! This puppy will rock! I was just talking with my programmer about an effective solution to automated webinars and such and now I need to cancel and grab this! I can’t wait to offer this to my prospects and customers. They will love it! Thanks Mike!”

Lonnie Robinson

“I evaluated the previous system from the competitor folks and found it was short on several levels. This however? Looks like my prior concerns have been addressed and then some. I’m looking forward to checking it out and promoting! Thanks Mike & Co.”

Lon Naylor

“I’ve already been using your first version and have a few students/ clients leveraging it as well and we are completely blown away. The conversions are awesome, the experience is fantastic and now this new version you are releasing is doing something I thought wasn’t even possible… making it 1000% better. You rock guys!”

Bob Yeager

“WOW!!! What more can I say. This sure beats doing my three lives a week. Can I buy one now? I mean like NOW.”

Peter Grant

“... This is the most needed program in 2011 and beyond for all businesses. Webinar business is exploding. Now more and more businesses are adopting this tool for communicating and marketing. This is a necessary tool for all marketers...”

Vj Shah

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